Twist lock is a mechanical locking device placed at the corner of a container, and it serves to secure container and its content during shipping, but also in a static environment. The very first twist lock was developed in the 1950s by transport engineer Keith Tantlinger from Spokane, Washington. Twist locks can be locked and unlocked manually, but nowadays you can also get semi-automatic and fully automatic kinds depending on your needs.  These locks are heavy-duty, sturdy, and durable all of which makes them an integral part of the shipping industry, storing, as well as other applications. In this post, we’re going to focus on our twist locks in France. 

Twist lock supplier in France

Not all twist lock suppliers are the same. While some focus on a specific form of twist locks, we make sure different forms of these locks are available to you in different ports in France. Semi-automatic, dovetail, tilt tray twist locks – this versatility allows you to get the most convenient container lock for your needs and preferences. 

Semi-Automatic Twistlock

Semi-automatic twist locks in France

Semi-automatic twist locks are locked automatically but unlocked manually through the use of operating rods. These locks are generally used between two containers for securing and connection. Semi-automatic twist lock comes with the pre-loading mechanism that allows it to close automatically when the container is placed on it. Their lifting road rating is 10 tonne which makes them perfectly safe to handle.

Weldable Dovetail Twistlock 

 Weldable Dovetail Twistlock in France

Weldable dovetail twist lock has a flat base that you can weld directly or install in a slipper frame. Weldable twist locks are load rated to 500kN and are fully galvanized meaning they can successfully resist even the harshest conditions during shipping. These locks are made according to the latest industry standards and can be used worldwide. 

Boltable Dovetail Twistlock

Boltable Dovetail Twistlock in France

Boltable dovetail twist locks allow us to bolt them to any surface in order to secure a shipping container in place. This type of lock is convenient, quick, and easy to use. Basically, boltable dovetail twist lock enables us to connect container to another container or any other structure. It features a 16mm steel plate which is attached to the standard weldable twist locks and also comes with four holes for easy and fast connection. 

Tilt Tray Twistlock 

Tilt Tray Twistlock in France

Tilt tray twist lock is a type of lock that makes it easy to position the shipping container in the up position without too much hassle. So, what makes this lock so unique? You see, tilt tray twist lock features a sprung plate which specifically works to hold the container in the up position for an easy and safe loading process. Once you’re done, it rotates to lock as usual, and that’s it. is one of the world’s most reputable suppliers of container locks serving customers in Australia, the United States, Romania, China, France, you name it. Customers in France are absolutely delighted with the quality and durability of our locks. Therefore, if you’re looking for container locks, we are the best solution for you. In addition to high-quality products and incredible durability, we also provide an array of services such as fast delivery knowing you want to start utilizing the lock as soon as possible. Bearing in mind different types of locks are available. We also offer consultation on the type of twist lock to help customers choose the ideal one for their needs. Since we value our customers, you’ll be happy to know we also offer discounted shipping. 

Supply Twistlock in Port of Le Havre

Port of Le Havre is one of the busiest ports in France. Our container locks are easily available there for our customers, make sure you check it out and get your lock today. 

Twistlock Delivery in Port of Lyon

Are you near Port of Lyon or you visit it frequently due to business-related reasons? Then, make sure you check out container locks we supply there. Vast selection guarantees you’ll find the ideal lock.

Port of Marseille Twistlocks Supplier

Twist locks are of crucial significance to the safety of containers and their content. is the biggest supplier of these useful locks in Port of Marseille. Make sure you use our consulting services to get the best lock for your needs.

Twist locks in Port of Paris

We have an amazing selection of twist locks in Port of Paris, which is why you should definitely check them out. This is particularly important if you’re tired of those suppliers with poor selection and lack of adequate service.

Different types of twist locks are available today, and their selection depends on the purpose, needs, and other factors. Regardless of the type of twist locks, you’re looking for you’ll definitely find it at which also supplies numerous ports in France.

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