Containers are constructed in a way to withstand even the harshest conditions and environments. They endure a lot of handling during shipping, so it’s important to keep them secure, properly stacked, and firmly connected to other containers or different structures. That’s where twist locks step in. Twist lock is, basically, a mechanical locking device placed at the corner of a container where it serves to attach the shipping container to other containers and structures, but other applications such as storage purposes are also possible. Different types of twist locks are available in Romania, and this post will highlight them. Read on to learn more.

Twist lock supplier in Romania

A common misconception is that all twist locks are the same, but that is not true. We supply different types of twist locks to our customers in Romania such as semi-automatic locks, weldable and boltable dovetail twist locks, and tilt tray locks. Learn more about them below.

Semi-Automatic Twistlock

Semi-Automatic Twistlock in Romania

Semi-automatic locks are beyond practical due to the fact they make the whole process of securing containers a lot easier. These locks work by allowing you to lock automatically and unlock manually. Semi-automatic twist lock is able to achieve this automatic feature thanks to a pre-loading mechanism which activates when you place the container on it.

Weldable Dovetail Twistlock

Weldable Dovetail Twistlock in Romania


Dovetail twist locks can be weldable and boltable. Weldable dovetail twist-lock allows for securing to the related weldable slippers, but we can also weld them directly to any other structure in order to form a strong connection. The most common usage for these twist locks is to connect them to barges, ships, and even trucks for safe and hassle-free transportation.

Boltable Dovetail Twistlock

Boltable dovetail twist lock in Romania

Boltable dovetail twist-lock allows you to bolt it to the slab in order to form a solid, strong, and effective base for the container. This type of twist lock also has other applications and doesn’t have to be used in shipping industry only. Boltable dovetail twist lock is made of heat treatable steel, it is galvanized, and it features a 16mm plate.

Tilt Tray Twistlock 

Tilt tray twist lock in Romania

You’re well aware of the fact that loading container is not the easiest task in the world and it can be quite impractical if it’s not positioned properly. Tilt tray twist lock simplifies the process of loading the container thanks to a sprung plate which holds the container in the up position.

Looking for a supplier of container locks in Romania? Then is the answer. Why? What makes us stand out is an array of services offered to our customers. For instance, we offer consultation on the type of twist lock to choose as well as discounted shopping once you identify the best lock for your needs. You don’t have to wait too long to get your order because we also offer fast delivery.

Twist locks in Port of Constanța

Port of Constanta is vital for the import and export in Romania thanks to its convenient geographical position. We supply twist locks for containers in this port. Make sure you check them out.

Port of Midia & Midia Shipyard Twistlocks Supplier

Different types of our twist locks are available to our customers at Port of Midia & Midia Shipyard. If you’re not sure which lock to choose we’ll help you out.

Supply in Tomis Turistic Port

Tomis Turistic Port allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the mesmerizing sea. It’s also the port we supply with our twist locks which are made to last and secure your containers.

Twist locks supplied by are made of heavy-duty, sturdy, and high-quality steel to offer safety, security, and durability. Our customers from Romania can find our twist locks in the above-mentioned ports, but you can contact us to learn more.

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