Boltable Dovetail Twist Lock

Dovetail boltable twist locks can be bolted to the slab for a solid base.


Dovetail boltable twist locks for container footings. Engineered to allow easy and quick connection of a shipping container hatch covers and in holds where a raised socket could cause an obstruction. Our boltable dovetail twist locks come in cold galvanized finish and utilise a 16mm steel plate attached to our standard weldable twist locks with four holes for easy connection.

Great for static twist lock applications outside of the shipping industry.

Bolt on twist locks can even be used upside down allowing items to be attached to the top of a standard shipping container easily and simply such as a secondary roof structure.

Features of Our Boltable Dovetail Twist Locks

  • Material: Heat Treatable Steel
  • Minimum breaking loads tension 500 kN / shear 420kN
  • Welding with 16mm plate
  • Weight 10.8 Kgs
  • Right hand locking (Right to Left)


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